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75 Methods To Shock Your Man During Intercourse

Пятница, 02 Апр 2021

75 Methods To Shock Your Man During Intercourse

Think you are operating away from tricks for the guy?

stress perhaps perhaps perhaps maybe maybe not, because we have you covered. Cosmo asked males to generally share a few mattress techniques that actually threw them from the side.

1. «My ex would save yourself trash-bound that is old, panties—and allow me to tear them away from her during foreplay.»вЂ”Paul, 20, techical customer support rep

2. » simply just just just just Take down every thing below your waistline, lean out the window, and laugh innocently while i am thrusting from behind.»вЂ”Dante, 28, agent

3. «we get pea pea pea nuts whenever my gf heaps on red lipstick before dental. The smudges left out are like an archive of her every mouth move.» —Kelley, 30, business owner

4. «When a woman licks her very own breasts, it offers that exact same girl-on-girl cost being a threesome.»вЂ”Bong, 24, advertising officer

5. «I experienced sex that is crazy-good the coastline. We held onto a float that has been around me personally, additionally the cresting waves put into the ecstasy.»вЂ”Earl behind her, she covered her feet, 26, bank worker

6. «connect me personally up together with your clothing while you strip—your bra binds my wrists; your gartered undies, an ankle; an such like.»вЂ”Steven, 29, data encoder

7. «I like getting dental whenever I’m kneeling and she is lying together with her head propped through to a pillow.»вЂ”G.P., 30, manager

8. «a good option to simply just simply just take a lady is for a tiled floor, like in your bathroom. (далее…)