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Welcome to Dollstories.net Doll fetish could be the need to be changed directly into a doll or transforming somebody else as a doll.

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Welcome to Dollstories.net Doll fetish could be the need to be changed directly into a doll or transforming somebody else as a doll.

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This is often a full time income being such as for example a plastic doll or an inanimate item such as being a lovedoll.

The attraction can sometimes include the desire to have real contact that is sexual a doll, a dream of a sexual encounter having an animate or inanimate doll, encounters between dolls on their own, or sexual joy gained from ideas to be changed or changing another in to a doll.

An crucial dream for many people has been changed to the favored object (such as for example a lovedoll) and experiencing an associated state of immobility or paralysis. Such dreams could be extended to roleplaying, and also the term utilized by fetishists whom enjoy being transformed into just just what seems to be a “rubber doll“latex or” doll”.

This site was created away from a passion for reading doll tales, while the ideas, fantasies and really wants to become one. Whilst this site deals primarily with Doll transformations and folks changing into dolls, there are lots of mannequin, fembot & objectification tales right right here too. Enjoy!

Forms of tales

Doll Transformations

These stories depict the change of an individual or individuals into dolls, primarily lovedolls or sexdolls. Some consist of transformations into mannequins. Most are by permission, some reluctantly modification plus some are non-consensual.

The transformations happen either by wishes, secret, spells, curses, head control, hypnotism as well as because of the person climbing into a doll suit.

The dolls are then placed with their appropriate usage by their new owners, consequently they are looked after as all good dollies should always be!

Zentai Dolls

Some tales include the application of clothes created from Lycra/Spandex to change an individual into a residing doll. Completely covered from mind to toe, often in a lot of levels, they could be an object, plaything or doll for somebody else to try out with or use.

Full-body suits called zentai totally immerse the wearer in epidermis fabric that is tight. The wearer extends to experience total enclosure and those that enjoy erotic objectification might create utilization of the apparel’s anonymizing aspect.

Zentai or body that is spandex may come in a number of tints and features make it possible for an individual to be the doll of these fantasies. Darlex bodysuits are thicker and a blend of spandex & plastic.

Latex Rubber Dolls

These tales depict the doll/person enclosed in just a catsuit that is latex several layers of plastic outfits, therefore epidermis tight or layered that most normal human anatomy options that come with the individual are covered.

Dressed into the degree there is none or almost no for the external human body perhaps not covered in latex or pvc, struggling to go due to the restrictive nature associated with the material or bound in some manner or packed delivery that is awaiting.

Held tightly into the hold regarding the shiny latex, the doll will be utilized as all dollies that are good be! Wouldn’t you want to be one of these simple dollies that are lovely?

Doll Matches

It’s also feasible to put on a intercourse doll as being a full-body ‘doll suit’. Often the doll becomes a suit with zippers into the straight back, and it is then used with a face mask that is female. Created from plastic, or latex the dolls may be exposed & used with regards to the form of doll.

Nowadays there are businesses that concentrate on making these matches, ie: Femskin. Others have already been home-made away from commecial love dolls,

Sometimes wearers insert the sheaths regarding the doll within their very very own human body, therefore making penetrative sex feasible. Customized ‘doll suits’ are employed by those who like to become a ‘love item’.

Maid-bots & Androids

These tales depict the individual changed or managed by other people or devices to execute the tasks of an android/maid-bot.

They be enclosed inside an outfit that is latex suit that modifications the look of them into an android, objectified and used, caught in the human body of this device.

Their head managed and/or programmed to work as an android. Or their mind/body swapped over into a device to be a cyborg.

Utilized to simply help round the true house, or useful for other purposes, they lose control and therefore are bought out. Tales now posted on Maidbots.net


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