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Go from a Monogamist: Polyamorists Get It Done Better

Среда, 24 Мар 2021

Go from a Monogamist: Polyamorists Get It Done Better

What Polyamorists Are Doing Better Than My Monogamous Friends (And Exactly What My Monogamist Buddies Could Study From Them)

When speaking with most of these individuals about their relationships, one thing clicked for me personally. The way in which these folks were explaining their relationships — open and communicative — had been not even close to the “complex” and “hard to juggle” life I’d thought. Certain, managing more and more people makes every thing a small harder, nevertheless the “guidelines” of poly-ness that stipulated open and clear interaction seemed far better than the communication issues inherent in monogamous relationships I’d held it’s place in and witnessed.

Steve, that is hitched and practices polyamory together with his spouse, stated that in traditional monogamous relationships, there are particular recognized assumptions in what the guidelines are. You have to figure out what those rules are going to be when you start to eliminate some expected social boundaries. In monogamous relationships, it could be unnerving to possess those conversations. (Haven’t most of us had the awkward “just what are we?” discussion?) However in polyamorous relationships, those conversations have to make everyone that is sure on the exact same web page nudist dating sites and that conversation really advantages of chatting it down. (далее…)