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‘The Hiking Dead’: Why Daryl & Beth Setting Up Will Be Completely Ok

Пятница, 12 Мар 2021

‘The Hiking Dead’: Why Daryl & Beth Setting Up Will Be Completely Ok

The show decided to stick 40-something grumpy redneck (with a heart of gold) Daryl with the 19-ish eternal optimist Beth after the Prison Incident of 2013; leading to some icky but totally understandable romantic chemistry in a shocking move for many ‘Walking Dead’ fans. Could it be uncomfortable? Definitely. Nonetheless it’s additionally a fairly good notion.

Beth (Emily Kinney) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) may not be The Walking Dead‘s most apparent or couple that is age-appropriate but we applaud the show for maybe not shying far from checking out their chemistry.

‘Walking Dead”s Daryl & Beth — Why It is not The Very Worst Thing

Personally I think I normally hate age-inappropriate relationships like this on television like I should start this post with a disclaimer, since saying that a 40-ish man should hook up with a 19-year-old isn’t exactly the least controversial viewpoint round these parts. Certainly one of my biggest issues with the show Pretty Little Liars is exactly how it romanticizes the connection between a teenager girl and her instructor, really telling the young and easily-influenced fans of the show that statutory rape is not just ok, but that the legislation against it are unjust and constricting with regards to lovvveee.

But here is the Walking Dead we’re speaing frankly about here, people. Even though Beth may look young…ish (actress Emily Kinney is 28 in actual life), age — and undoubtedly, law and order it— was thrown out the window a long time ago on TWD as we know. Carl (Chandler Riggs) killed his or her own mom. Beth witnessed the fatalities of her mom, her father, her boyfriend, some siblings… the point is got by you. She’s killed. She’s considered suicide. She’s destroyed her whole world, but shown a massive number of readiness by never ever losing hope. (далее…)