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What no body will tell trump supporters

Пятница, 15 Янв 2021

What no body will tell trump supporters

I’m engaged to a handsome, loving, well educated, accomplished man. We’ve a great deal in typical but imagine my shock when he said which he had been a trump supporter. absolutely Nothing about him suggested that he’d help trump. We attempt to see their POV, I don’t have any issue with him being a republican but supporting trump is a personality disorder. I really like him but am repulsed during the same time. This is actually the component that supportive SOs don’t tell trump supporters. We have an extremely hard time doing dental intercourse on him; one thing We liked and craved doing to him but are not able to anymore. That’s the known amount of repulsion I feel because he blindly supports every thing trump does.

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Re: Exactly Exactly What no body

Many thanks for the candid remarks, Kerry. (далее…)